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Delaware Homeschool Law - Homeschool State Laws

Since 2003 homeschool has been officially recognized as a legal non-public schooling option in the state of Delaware. Prior to 2003 homeschooling took place through private school home-study programs (i.e. umbrella schools). But now, thanks to Senate Bill 103, homeschooling is recognized as an independent schooling option with very low regulations from the state.


Age of Required Attendance

The state of Delaware requires your child(ren) to attend school from the age of 5 to 16 years old. legal schooling options include:

  • private school
  • homeschool (i.e. non-public school)

(See legal references 1 & 2)

NOTE: When homeschooling became an official option in 2003 the state allowed three different types of homeschools; 1) single-family homeschool, 2) multi-family homeschool, and 3) single-family homeschool coordinated with the local school district. In 2005 the third option was discontinued because very few families were actually using it.  

Single-Family Homeschool refers to a parent or legal guardian educating their own child(ren) in their own home.

Multi-Family Homeschool refers to a group of unrelated children educated by their parents or legal guardians in one or several residences or facilities. In this case one of the parents or legal guardians acts as a liaison with the Department of Education for meeting the regulations for the entire group.

(See legal reference 3)

The following regulations apply to both Single and Multi-Family Homeschools in Delaware.


Notify The School District

The Delaware Homeschool Law requires you to notify the school district by officially opening a non-public school through the Department of Education’s online system. The purpose of this online account is for you to report the enrollment of your child(ren) who will be homeschooling and their attendance information at the end of the year. Enrollment information is due before October 5th and attendance information is due before July 31st.

(See legal reference 4)

If You Need To Withdraw Your Child

If your child is already attending a Delaware public school you will need to officially withdraw them before beginning to homeschool. In order to officially withdraw your child you will need to first open a Delaware Homeschool as mentioned above. After the Department of Education has accepted your request to open an account with them they will send you an acknowledgement page. You will need to print off this page and take it to your child’s school to officially withdraw them. Public schools will not withdraw your child without this acknowledgement page.



The Delaware Homeschool Law does not require you to meet any qualification requirements.


Hours of Instruction

The Delaware Homeschool Law does not require you to teach a specific amount of days/year or hours/day.


Required Subjects

The Delaware Homeschool law does not require you to teach a specific list of subjects.


Keep Records

The Delaware Homeschool Law does not require you to keep a record of your child’s homeschool education.

However, they do require that you keep a record of your child’s attendance throughout the school year.



The Delaware Homeschool Law does not require homeschoolers to participate in testing.


Immunization Laws For Delaware Homeschoolers

The state of Delaware does not require homeschoolers to vaccinate. Immunizations requirements only apply to children who are enrolling in public and private schools.

(See legal reference 5)


Helpful Websites For Delaware Homeschoolers

For local support and information visit this Delaware homeschool website:

Delaware Department of Education


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