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Did You Know…? 

Educating your child at home is legal in all 50 of the United States and the District of Columbia.

But Be Aware…!

Each state has its own law regarding home education and each state determines how much it will allow the public school system to regulate (i.e. supervise or control) homeschooling in their state. These regulations vary from state to state.

Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Vermont, New York, and Pennsylvania are high regulation states which means that the school district will have strict requirements for your homeschool program or they will require you to have their approval in order to homeschool your children. They may also be directly involved in decisions like curriculum, testing, record keeping, etc..

However, if you are from Idaho, Alaska, Alabama, Texas, Oklahoma, Missouri, Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Connecticut, or New Jersey you can breathe easy because in these states the public school system is not allowed to have any regulation or involvement in homeschool. In fact homeschooling is practically a civic freedom in these states.

As for everybody else from Washington to Maine, pay close attention because these states allow low to moderate regulations, which means the law will require some things and not others. For example they may require testing but may not require you to report your child’s test scores to anyone in your school district. So make sure you read the bold and the fine print! It’s these laws and regulations that can be the most difficult to comprehend.