New York Quarterly Report

Quarterly Report Sample Form

The New York Homeschool Law requires you to send your local school district a quarterly report of your child’s educational progress.

This report must contain the following information:

  1. the number of hours of instruction during the quarter;
  2. a description of the material covered in each subject listed in your IHIP; 
  3. either a grade for your child in each subject or a written narrative evaluating your child’s progress; and
  4. a written explanation if you completed less than 80% of the amount of the course materials in your IHIP planned for that quarter in any subject.

There are no specific dates for when to submit your quarterly reports. It is suggested by the NYSED that you space your quarterly reports in “even and logical periods”.

Follow these steps to fill out and send in a New York Quarterly Report:

  1. Print a copy of the New York Quarterly Report below.
  2. Fill it out with your personal information and make a 2nd copy for your records.
  3. Mail a signed copy of your letter to your local school district by certified mail.

NOTE: This Quarterly Report is based on the sample report by Starts At Eight.