North Dakota Homeschool Law


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Required Attendance Age

The state of North Dakota requires your child to attend school from the age of 7 to 16 years old. Legal schooling options include the following:

  • public school
  • non-public school
  • home school

(see legal reference #1)

Notify The School District

The North Dakota Homeschool Law requires you to send a Statement of Intent to your local superintendent. You must send this letter 14 days before beginning to homeschool. The statement of intent must include the following information:

  • your child’s name and address
  • child’s date of birth
  • child’s grade level
  • your name and address
  • your qualifications
  • a certificate of immunization or exemption
  • official identification for your child
  • any extracurricular activities that your child will be participating in and which school district or non-public school they will be attending for these activities

If You Need To Withdraw Your Child

If your child is already attending a North Dakota public school then you will need to officially withdraw them before beginning to homeschool. Contact your child’s school and ask them if they have a withdrawal form for you to fill out. Let them know you will be homeschooling. Also don’t forget to send in a Statement of Intent 14 days before beginning to homeschool.


The North Dakota Homeschool Law requires you to have a High School diploma or it’s equivalent in order to homeschool your child.

However, North Dakota Homeschool Law also provides a way that parents without a High School Diploma may “supervise” while their child “learns at home” and eventually be considered qualified to homeschool. The requirements for supervising your child’s home education are:

  • You must be monitored by a licensed or an approved teacher for the first two years that your child learns at home.
  • This teacher may be chosen and paid by the school district, or chosen and paid by you.
  • If your child does not pass a nationally standardized test with a score of 50% or higher, then you must be monitored for at least another year and until your child passes this test with a score of 50% or higher.
  • Twice a year the chosen teacher is required to report your child’s progress to your school district’s superintendent.
  • The chosen teacher must spend 1 hour/week with you and your child. If you have two or more children learning at home the chosen teacher must spend 30 min/month for each additional child.
  • You do not have to be monitored for every child you homeschool. Once you complete the monitoring requirements for one child (at least 2 years of monitoring and a test score of 50% or higher) then the state considers you qualified to homeschool.

(see legal reference #2: 03, 06, and 07)

Days Of Instruction

The North Dakota Homeschool Law requires you to teach at least 4 hours/day and a minimum of 175 days/year.

(see legal reference #2: 04)

Required Subjects

The North Dakota Homeschool Law requires you to teach the following educational subjects:

Elementary – Middle School 

  1. English language arts: including reading, composition, creative writing, English
    grammar, and spelling.
  2. Mathematics
  3. Social studies: including The United States Constitution, United States history, Geography, Government, and North Dakota studies (with an emphasis on the geography, history, and agriculture of North Dakota, in the fourth and eighth grades).
  4. Science: including agriculture.
  5. Physical education
  6. Health: including physiology, hygiene, disease control, and the nature and effects of alcohol, tobacco, and narcotics.

High School

  1. English language arts (480 hours): including literature, composition, and speech.
  2. Mathematics (480 hours): including 120 hours of algebra II, and 120 hours of math higher than algebra II.
  3. Science (480 hours): including 120 hours of biology and 120 hours of physical science.
  4. Social studies (480 hours): including 120 hours of world history, 120 hours of United States history and either 120 hours of problems of democracy or 60 hours of United States government plus 60 hours of economics.
  5. Health (60 hours).
  6. Physical education (60 hours) during each school year (4 years total).
  7. Fine arts (240 hours) at least 120 hours must be music.
  8. Foreign language (240 hours) your child must be the same language both years.
  9. An advanced placement course (120 hours) or a dual-credit course.
  10. Career and technical education (240 hours).

(see legal reference #3: 01, 02, and 03)

Keep Records

The North Dakota Homeschool Law requires you to keep yearly records of the following:

  • any courses your child takes
  • your child’s academic progress assessments
  • your child’s test results

(see legal reference #2: 05)


The North Dakota Homeschool Law requires homeschool students to participate in testing during their 4th grade, 6th grade, 8th grade, and 10th grade years. The following regulations apply to testing:

  • You can either use the same test that your local school district uses or you may request a different test as long as it’s a nationally normed standardized achievement test.
  • Your child can take this test at home or at your local school.
  • The test must be administered by a licensed or approved teacher.
  • If the school administers your child’s test (at the school or at your home by a designated teacher) then they must pay for it.
  • If your child tests at home by a licensed or approved teacher of your choosing, then you must pay for the test.

However, this regulation does not apply to your child if you, the parent, have any of the following:

  • a philosophical, moral, or religious objection to the use of a standardized test
  • license or approval to teach
  • a baccalaureate degree
  • you have passed a national teacher examination (in any state)

You must submit your child’s test scores to your local superintendent.

(see legal reference #2: 08, 09, and 10)

Immunization Law For North Dakota Homeschoolers

The state of North Dakota requires homeschool students to receive vaccinations or submit an exemption. You must submit a certificate of immunization or exemption for each child with your Statement of Intent to homeschool.

(see legal reference #4: 17.1)

Helpful Websites For North Dakota Homeschoolers

For local support and information visit these North Dakota homeschool websites:

North Dakota Department Of Public Instruction

North Dakota Homeschool Association

(ndCDE) North Dakota Center For Distance Education

Legal References

  1. Required Attendance Age: North Dakota Century Code 15.1-20.
  2. Home Education Regulations: North Dakota Century Code 15.1-23.
  3. Curriculum and Testing Requirements: North Dakota Century Code 15. 1-21.
  4. Immunization Requirements: North Dakota Century Code 23-07.

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