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Required Attendance Age

The state of Rhode Island requires your child to attend school from the age of 6 to 18 years old. Legal schooling options include;

  • public school
  • private day school
  • approved at-home instruction (i.e. homeschool)

(see legal reference #1)

Notify The School District

The Rhode Island Homeschool Law requires you to submit a Notice of Intent to Homeschool to your local school district. A local school committee must give their approval in order for you to legally homeschool. You should receive an approval letter in the mail as proof that you are legally homeschooling. If you do not receive an approval letter than you can contact your school district in writing to request one. Some Rhode Island school districts have homeschool information and forms on their website. Below is a table of all the school districts in Rhode Island with links to those districts that have homeschool information available.

NOTE: If your school district does not have any homeschool information or forms then I have linked to your Superintendent’s page simply for address information.


Bristol Warren


Central Falls


East Greenwich
East Providence
Exeter-West Greenwich








Little Compton




New Shoreham
North Kingstown
North Providence
North Smithfield




South Kingstown




West Warwick

(see legal reference #1)

If You Need To Withdraw Your Child

If your child is already attending a Rhode Island public school you will need to officially withdraw them before beginning to homeschool. In order to officially withdraw your child you must notify your child’s school that you will be withdrawing them in order to homeschool. If fail to notify the school they may consider your child absent and charge you for truancy. Unless your child’s school has a specific form for you to use, then fill out and send in this withdrawal letter.


The Rhode Island Homeschool Law does not require you to meet any specific qualifications in order to homeschool.

Days Of Instruction

The Rhode Island Homeschool Law requires you to teach the same amount of days that public school students are taught which is 180 days/year.

(see legal reference #1 and #2:1)

Required Subjects

The Rhode Island Homeschool Law requires you to teach the following 8 educational subjects, in English, as part of your homeschool curriculum:

  1. Reading
  2. Writing
  3. Geography
  4. Arithmetic
  5. History of the United States and Rhode Island
  6. Civics
  7. Health
  8. Physical Educaiton

(see legal reference #2:3)

Keep Records

The Rhode Island Homeschool Law requires you to keep a record of your child’s attendance throughout the year. You are not required to follow the public school calendar. Just simply teach at least 180 days our of the year and keep a record of the days that you homeschool. You can choose whatever method you prefer to keep track of your child’s attendance.

It is also important to keep copies of any correspondence you have with the school and your child’s immunization/exemption papers.

HSLDA suggests that you keep detailed records of your homeschooling for up to 2 years. This should include samples of your child’s work as proof of their education.

(see legal reference #2:2)


The Rhode Island Homeschool Law does not require homeschool students to participate in testing.

However, your local school committee may require some kind of evaluation as part of their approval process but they must allow you to decide what mode of evaluation you prefer.

Some school districts will require an end of year report, others will not. Some districts will be satisfied with a general statement that your child met all the course requirements for their grade level. Other districts will want to see a written evaluation, report card, standardized test, portfolio, or work samples. Remember the decision of what kind of evaluation to use is up to you.

Immunization Law For Rhode Island Homeschoolers

The state of Rhode Island does not require children who are educated at home to receive vaccinations. Only children who attend public or private schools must receive vaccinations or submit a waiver.

(see legal reference #3)

Helpful Websites For Rhode Island Homeschoolers

For local support and information visit these Rhode Island homeschool websites:

Rhode Island Department Of Education

ENRICHri (A Rhode Island Home Education Community)

Rhode Island Guild of Homeschool Teachers (RIGHT)

Legal References

  1. Required Attendance Age: Rhode Island General Laws 16-19-1.
  2. Homeschool Regulations: Rhode Island General Laws 16-19-2.
  3. Immunizations: Rhode Island General Laws 16-38-2 and Rhode Island Department of Helath.

This summary is for informational purposes only and is not given as legal advice. HomeschoolStateLaws.com does not endorse any of the links or organizations listed above.

2 thoughts on “Rhode Island Homeschool Law”

  1. Hello! It is not necessary to wait for approval before homeschooling. We aren’t asking their permission, we are simply notifying them. Many districts don’t even send out approval letters so not much would be getting done in those homes if they waited!

    1. Thank you for your input Andrea. I have changed the wording above and removed the line that said, “wait to homeschool until after you have received an approval letter in the mail”.
      However, ENRICHri does suggest that you request an approval letter from your school district if you have not received one as basic verification/proof that you are legally homeschooling. They suggest that your official approval letter may be needed for college enrollment, job applications, or educator’s discounts. (http://enrichri.org/faq/)
      The Rhode Island Department of Education also states that, “You will need school committee approval before you begin home instruction.” (http://www.ride.ri.gov/StudentsFamilies/EducationPrograms/HomeSchooling.aspx#1722837-do-i-need-to-notify-the-local-district-of-my-intention-to-home-school)

      So the updated message is to notify the school district, begin homeschooling, and get verification for your records that you have approval to legally homeschool.

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