Rhode Island Notice of Intent to Homeschool

Notify the School District of Your Decision To Homeschool

If you would like to homeschool in Rhode Island you must send this Notice of Intent to your local school district to get approval to homeschool. A local school committee will review your letter of Intent and decide to approve or deny your request.

Follow these steps to fill out and send in a Notice of intent:

  1. Copy and paste the sample Rhode Island Notice of Intent below into a new document.
  2. Fill in the brackets with your personal information.
  3. Print 2 copies (one for your local school district and one for your records).
  4. Mail a signed copy of your letter to your local school district by certified mail.


Sample Rhode Island Notice of Intent

Sample Letter by ENRICHri.

Copy and paste the following text into a separate document to print:



Dear [Name of Superintendent],

Please be informed that the education of our children, as listed below, will be handled privately.

We intend to homeschool our child(ren) [Child(ren)’s Name(s)] [Grade or Age] for the [year-year] school year.

We will abide by Rhode Island State Law 16-19-2 which requires that:

1. The period of attendance will be substantially equal to that required in public schools;
2. Attendance registers are kept;
3. The required subjects shall be taught in the English language substantially to the same extent as
in the public schools and that the instruction of these subjects shall be thorough and efficient.

Rhode Island State Law does not require that we submit curriculum to your district. We will teach and
abide by all subject areas required by RI Law 16-19-2, 16-22-2, and 16-22-4. These subjects include
Reading, Writing, Geography, Arithmetic, History of the United States, History of Rhode Island, the
Principles of American Government, Civics, and Instruction in Health and Physical Education. The resources employed in the implementation of this program of instruction may include, but not be
limited to, some or all of the following: textbooks, computer courses, online resources, online classes,
field trips, lab work, books, magazines, newspapers, encyclopedias, almanacs, and atlases.

State law does not require that homeschooling families follow the public school calendar. Upon request,
your office will receive a year end progress report at the completion of our school year.

All information provided herein is considered privileged and confidential. Any disclosure of this
information requires written parental consent prior to such disclosure.

Please contact us in writing with any questions you may have.

Thank you,

[Your Name]
[Your Address]