Rhode Island End Of Year Report

Notify the School District of Your Child’s Yearly Progress

Some school districts in Rhode Island require homeschoolers to send in an End of Year Report to notify the district of attendance and evaluation results. If this is the case in your school district than feel free to use this sample End of Year Report form.

Follow these steps to fill out and send in a End of Year Report:

  1. Copy and paste the sample Rhode Island End of Year Report below into a new document.
  2. Fill in the brackets with your personal information.
  3. Print 2 copies (one for your local school district and one for your records).
  4. Mail a signed copy of your report to your local school district by certified mail.


Sample Rhode Island End of Year Report

Sample Letter by ENRICHri.

Copy and paste the following text into a separate document to print:

[Name of Superintendent]
[Address of Superintendent]


[Name of Superintendent]

This letter is to inform you that we homeschooled our child, [child’s name], for the
[year-year] school year as outlined in our letter of intent.

[Child’s Name] attendance was substantially equal to that required by law as stated in section 16‐19‐2
of the Rhode Island Statutes of Education. Rhode Island law was followed with regard to statutes
16‐19‐2, 16‐22‐2, and 16‐22‐4. These subjects include Reading, Writing, Geography, Arithmetic, History
of the United States, History of Rhode Island, the Principles of American Government, Civics, and
Instruction in Health and Physical Education.

Present: [number of days]
Absent: [number of days]
Our child is progressing well in all required subject areas and is promoted to the next grade.
We thank you for supporting our efforts in home schooling our child. If you request any additional
information, please contact us by mail.

[Your Name]
[Your Address]