Oklahoma Withdrawal Letter

Withdraw Your Child by Letter

The state of Oklahoma does not require you to send any notice that you will be withdrawing your child in order to homeschool. This letter is optional if you would like to give notice or receive your child’s records.

Follow these simple steps to send in an Oklahoma Withdrawal Letter.

  1. Copy and paste the sample Oklahoma Withdrawal Letter below in a new document to print.
  2. Enter your personal information in the brackets and print 2 copies.
  3. Mail a signed copy of your letter to the school where your child is enrolled.
  4. Keep a copy of your withdrawal letter for your records.
  5. Follow up with the school through e-mail or phone call to let them know when you will be picking up the records.


Sample Oklahoma Withdrawal Letter

This sample letter is by the Oklahoma Christian Home Educators Consociation.

Copy and paste the following text into a separate document to print:

[Sender’s Name]
[Sender’s Address]
[Sender’s City, State, ZIP]


[Principal’s Name]
[Name of School]
[Address of School]

RE: [Full Name of Student]
[Name of Teacher (if relevant)]

Dear [Mr./Mrs./Ms. Principal’s Name]

I am writing to you about my [daughter/son], [Student’s Name]. I have decided to home educate [him/her] for the [remainder of the {or beginning of the year] [ year] school year. This letter is to serve as written notice of [his/her] withdrawal from [Name of School], effective [date].

As I understand it, homeschooling is a legal option under Oklahoma law. Oklahoma laws pertaining to home education include:

  • Oklahoma Constitution, Article XIII, Section 4;
  • Oklahoma Statutes Suppl. 1993, Title 70, Article X, Section 10-105;
  • Attorney’s General Opinion No. 73-129

I request that copies of all school records pertaining to my [son/daughter] be prepared for me to keep in my own file. I will contact you concerning a suitable time to pick those up at the school.

Thank you for your attention and consideration in this matter.


[Full Signature]

[Typed or Printed Full Name]