California Enrollment Confirmation Letter

Notify The School Of Your Child’s Enrollment In Your New Private School

After you have filed an affidavit with the Superintendent of Public Instruction to turn your home into an official private school, then fill out and send this letter of enrollment confirmation to your child’s school. The purpose of this letter is to notify the school that your child is now enrolled in your new private school. If you need to officially withdraw your child from public school you must send this letter first before sending in your withdrawal letter.

Follow these steps to prepare and file an enrollment confirmation letter.

  1. Create letterhead for your new school by typing your new school name, your address, and email address using a large font.
  2. Copy and Paste the sample California Enrollment Confirmation Letter below into your letterhead document to print.
  3. Enter your personal information in the brackets and print 2 copies.
  4. Mail a signed copy of your letter to the school by certified mail. You can also hand deliver it but make sure to note the date and the person to whom it was delivered on your own copy.
  5. Prepare your withdrawal letter.

NOTE: “Old School” refers to the school you will be withdrawing your child from or the school they would attend if they were not homeschooling.

Sample California Enrollment Confirmation Letter

This letter is by the HomeSchool Association of California.

Copy and paste the following text into a separate document to print:

[Old school Principal’s Name]

[Old school’s name]
[Old school’s address]

RE: Withdrawal of [child’s name] from [old school’s name]

Dear [Old school principal’s name]:

This letter is to inform you that [child’s name], birth date [child’s birth date], student ID number [child’s school ID number if known}, has been enrolled at [your new private school name] as of [date of enrollment in new school].

Thank you for your assistance.


[your name as new school administrator- be sure to sign it]

4 thoughts on “California Enrollment Confirmation Letter”

  1. I was trying to figure out the process of withdrawing my children from public school And when to do it. Before I five the at home privat school affidavit or before. What needs to be done and how
    Thank you

    1. Hello Amy,
      This process can be confusing, I am glad you asked for clarification. I assume you are choosing the private school at home option since you are planning on submitting an Enrollment Confirmation Letter. The process for withdrawing your children from school is laid out on the California Homeschool Law’s main page on my site, you can read the steps in full there. I will give you the short version here. This is the order of steps you will need to follow to withdraw your children from school and start a private school at home.

      1. File the Affidavit
      2.Send in the Enrollment Confirmation Letter
      3. Send in the Withdrawal Letter.
      4. Keep your kids home on the day you mention in the Withdrawal Letter
      5. Send in a request for your children’s school records.

      I hope this was clear and helpful. If you have any more questions feel free to ask. Good Luck!

        1. Coquette,

          If you are transferring to a public online school from a public school then NO, the process is not the same. You would simply just talk to your child’s school (or enroll them in the public school) and let them know you are interested in doing public school online. They may have a program already set up, or have more information for you. Online public school requires enrollment in a public school, not a private one. My advice would be to talk to your child’s school and get more information on what steps to take to begin public online school at home. An enrollment confirmation letter is for private schooling at home.

          This is the best I could do based on your question and not knowing the details of your situation. I hope it was helpful!


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