California Private School Independent Study

LEGAL HOMESCHOOL OPTION #2: A California Private School Independent Study Program (i.e. Satellite Program)

Notify The School

Parents who chose this option must simply enroll their child for the Independent Study program with the private school of their choice. The private school itself is responsible for notifying the Superintendent Of Public Instruction that your child is one of their students in their yearly affidavit.


Each California Private School Independent Study program will have it’s own requirements for qualification.

Hours of Instruction

The Private School you enroll your child in will determine the days and hours of instruction.

California Private School Independent Study

Required Subjects

The State of California requires all private schools (including Independent Study Programs) to teach the following 7 subjects in English as part of their core curriculum:

  1. English
  2. Mathematics
  3. Social Studies
  4. Science
  5. Visual and Performing Arts
  6. Health
  7. Physical Education

(See legal references 1 & 2)


Parents who enroll their child in a Private School Independent Study program do not need to keep records. The private school offering the online program will be held responsible by the state of California for keeping records of your child’s education.


The Private School your child enrolls in will determine their own testing.

Legal References

  1. Required Subjects: California Education Code 51210.
  2. Private School Teaching of Required Subjects: California Education Code 48222.

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