Wyoming Curriculum List Submission Form

Submit Your Curriculum List 

If you decide to homeschool in Wyoming you must send your list of curriculum choices, for each of the 7 required educational subjects, to your local school board of trustees. Send this list every year that you choose to homeschool at the beginning of the school year.

Follow these 4 steps to submit a list of curriculum:

  1. Copy and paste the sample Wyoming Curriculum List Submission Form below into a new document.
  2. Fill in the brackets with your personal information (if you have more than one child who is homeschooling, be sure to make a separate curriculum list for each child).
  3. Print 2 copies (one for your local school board of trustees and one for your records).
  4. Mail a signed copy of your list to your local school board of trustees by certified mail.


Sample Wyoming Curriculum List Submission Form

Sample form by Homeschoolers of Wyoming.

Copy and paste the following text into a separate document to print:


To the Board of Trustees of [school district name],

We intend to educate our child(ren) [child(ren)’s name(s)] in our home at [your adderess], during the upcoming school year.
In compliance with state statutes 21-4-101(a)(vi) and 21-4-102(b), we are enclosing a list of the curriculum/resources for the seven required subjects intended for use in our school program.

Thank you for your time,

[your name(s)]

Curriculum List(s)

[name, grade, and age of your child]
Reading: [your curriculum choice for reading]
Writing: [your curriculum choice for writing]
Mathematics: [your curriculum choice for mathematics]
Civics: [your curriculum choice for civics]
History: [your curriculum choice for history]
Literature: [your curriculum choice for literature]
Science: [your curriculum choice for science]