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Required Attendance Age

The state of South Carolina requires your child to attend school from the age of 6 to 17 years old. Legal schooling options include;

  • public school
  • private school
  • parochial school
  • homeschool (3 legal options);
    1. Approval from your school district’s Board of Trustees
    2. As a member of The South Carolina Association of Independent Home Schools (SCAIHS)
    3. With any South Carolina homeschool association (a.k.a. a “third option group”)

(see legal reference #1)

NOTE: The difference between the three options is accountability.  You are either accountable to the school district, or to an association. Homeschoolers report that choosing option 1 doesn’t cost you anything up front; however, some have also reported insufficient support from the school district. Homeschoolers report that choosing options 2 & 3 does cost you a membership fee to join an association, but that the benefits and support are well worth the money.

NOTE: The following regulations in this post are for homeschooling with option 1.

Read the regulations on homeschooling for option 2 & option 3.

Notify The School District

The South Carolina Homeschool Law Option 1, requires you to receive approval from your school district’s Board of Trustees in order to homeschool. Each South Carolina school district has their own homeschool application form for you to fill out and send in.

The application form will ask you for the following information:

    • a description of your homeschool program
    • the texts and materials you will use
    • what kind of educational evaluation you will use
    • where you will be homeschooling

If You Need To Withdraw Your Child

If your child is already attending a South Carolina Public School then you will need to officially withdraw them before beginning to homeschool. The first step of the withdrawal process is to register with the school district. After you have registered your child, you will be able to show your child’s school proof of their registration. Your child’s school may also have specific paperwork for you to fill out (release of records, etc.).


The South Carolina Homeschool Law Option 1, requires you to have a high school diploma, GED, or a baccalaureate degree in order to homeschool your child.

(see legal reference #2)

Days Of Instruction

The South Carolina Homeschool Law Option 1, requires your child to study at least 4.5 hours/day and at least 180 days/year.

(see legal reference #2)

Required Subjects

The South Carolina Homeschool Law Option 1, requires your child to study the following 5 subjects:

Grades K-6

  1. Reading
  2. Writing
  3. Mathematics
  4. Science
  5. Social Studies

Grades 7-12

  1. Literature
  2. Composition
  3. Mathematics
  4. Science
  5. Social Studies

(see legal reference #2)

Keep Records

The South Carolina Homeschool Law Option 1, requires you to keep the following records of your homeschooling:

  • a written record of the subjects you teach and activities you participate in
  • a portfolio of samples of your child’s academic work
  • a record of evaluations of your child’s academic progress

The law also requires you to submit a semiannual progress report to the school district. This progress report must include the following:

  • records of your child’s attendance
  • academic assessments of your child’s progress in each of the required educational subjects

(see legal reference #2)


The South Carolina Homeschool Law Option 1, requires homeschool students to participate in yearly testing.

Your child must take the State approved test that is administered for all public school students. However, you have the option of having your child tested at the school or in your home. If you choose to have your child tested in your home you will need to receive special permission to do so from the school district. They will send a certified school district employee to your home to administer the test to your child. You will also be responsible for paying the test administrator who comes to your home to administer the test.

(see legal reference #2)

Immunization Law For South Carolina Homeschoolers

The state of South Carolina requires all children who enroll in schools of any kind to receive vaccinations or submit a waiver. This does not include children who homeschool. The decision of whether or not to vaccinate your child is up to you.

(see legal reference #3)

Helpful Websites For South Carolina Homeschoolers 

For local support and information visit these South Carolina homeschool websites:

South Carolina Department of Education

The South Carolina Homeschooling Connection

Legal References

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  1. Some of the information on this post is incorrect.
    Grade 7-12, Literature and Composition actually REPLACE reading and writing for the required subjects so it would still be 5 required subjects not 7.

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