Washington Homeschool Checklist

Considering homeschool as a lifestyle and an educational experience for your child(ren) can be daunting. Add the stress of correctly following legal homeschool procedure and you’re sure to freak in a little (or a lot).

To help relieve some of your stress I have created a simple step by step Washington Homeschool Checklist to help you know where to begin. This checklist covers, in order, all the things you need to do to follow Washington’s homeschool law.

NOTE: The forms that I mention in this Washington Homeschool Checklist can be found as links in my post on the Washington Homeschool Law.

This printable list is for your peace of mind. Sometimes all you need to start something new, is the confidence that you are doing things right. And if we are honest, some of us like having a tangible list we can check or cross things off of.

Remember, if you have any questions along the way you can always send me a message via my contact page (in the menu above). You can also leave a comment on this post or on my Washington Homeschool Law post.

Print off this checklist and start your homeschool journey today!