Are There Required Subjects That Homeschoolers Need To Study?

Required Subjects - Homeschool State Laws

Did you know that some states require homeschoolers to study a specific list of educational subjects? Did you also know that the required educational subjects children are taught in public schools are mentioned in the state law?

Required Subjects

In every state law under Education there is a Chapter on required subjects. In this chapter the state law lists educational subjects that public schools in that state are required to teach their students. For example in Virginia the educational subjects in VA Code § 22.1-200 for elementary grades are:

  • spelling,
  • reading,
  • writing,
  • arithmetic,
  • grammar,
  • geography,
  • health and
  • physical education,
  • drawing,
  • civil government,
  • history of the United States and
  • history of Virginia

Additionally, in VA Code § 22.1-200.03 the law states that students in middle and high schools should also study economics and financial literacy.

What Subjects Do Homeschool Students Need To Study?

Since homeschool is an alternative education option, not all states require homeschoolers to study the educational subjects mentioned in their state law.

For example in Oregon, the law does not require homeschoolers to study a specific list of required subjects. In this case the homeschool parent gets to pick and choose what their child will study.

However, in Nebraska the law expects homeschoolers to study 5 required subjects; language arts, mathematics, science, social studies, and health.

In New York the law requires homeschoolers to study different subjects based on grade level and for a certain amount of hours per school year. For example in Grades 7-8 homeschoolers are required to study Music for 54 hours throughout the school year.

Find out what required subjects are in your state law! Use the menu at the top of this page to find your state’s homeschool law and read all about it.

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