Louisiana Private School Law

Regulations For A Louisiana Private (Non-public) School

Notify The School District

The Louisiana Private School Law requires non-public schools to register online with the Department of Education. You must register every year that you homeschool as a non-public school. Registration must be done by the 30th day after school begins.

Registration requires the following information:

  • school year
  • name of your school
  • contact information
  • number of students enrolled

If You Need To Withdraw Your Child

If your child is already attending a Louisiana public school then you will need to officially withdraw them in order to begin homeschooling. Do not keep your child home without notifying the school; otherwise, the school may mark your child absent and charge you with truancy.

In order to officially withdraw your child you must send this Enrollment Notification Letter to your child’s school. This letter will make the school aware that you are “transferring” your child to your new non-public school.

(See legal reference 1 and 2)


The Louisiana Private School Law does not require you to meet any specific qualifications in order to homeschool.

Hours Of Instruction

The Louisiana Private School Law requires you to teach a minimum of 180 days/year.

(See legal reference 3)

Required Subjects

The Louisiana Private School Law does not require you to teach a specific list of educational subjects.

Keep Records

The Louisiana Private School Law does not require you to keep records.


The Louisiana Private School Law does not require homeschoolers  to participate in testing or assessments.

Immunization Law For Louisiana Homeschoolers

The state of Louisiana does not require students who are educated at home to receive vaccinations; the immunization law only applies to students who attend school.

However there is one exception, home educated students that are 11 years old must submit proof (or a waiver) to the state Board of Education of “current immunization against meningococcal disease”.

(See legal reference 4)

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