Maine Withdrawal Letter

Officially Withdraw Your Child

If your child already attends a Maine public school and you would like to begin educating them at home then you must notify the school that you will be withdrawing your child.

Follow these 3 steps to withdraw your child and begin educating them at home:

  1. Copy and paste the sample Maine Withdrawal Letter below in a new document to print.
  2. Enter your personal information in the brackets and print 2 copies (one for the school and one for your records).
  3. Mail a signed copy of your letter by certified mail to the school.


Sample Maine Withdrawal Letter

This letter is by Homeschool Legal Advantage.

Copy and paste the following text into a separate document to print:

[Printed Name(s) of Parent(s)]


[Name(s) of child(ren) being withdrawn from public school]

Dear [Name of Principal],

Please be advised that I will be withdrawing the above children from your school as of [date], when they will be privately educated pursuant to Maine Rev. Stat. Ann, Title 20-A, §5001-A(3)(A). I will file an application for equivalent instruction. If you have any questions, please send them to me in writing. Thank you.


[Parent or Guardian’s Signature]