About A Homeschool Law

What’s in a Homeschool Law? 

In each Homeschool Law there are 8 different categories. This page is designed to help you understand what each category means and what it includes. Click on the following links to learn about the different aspects of a Homeschool Law.

    1. What is a Required Attendance Age?

    2. Do I Need To Notify The School District That I Am Homeschooling?

    3. How Do I Withdraw My Child From Public School in Order to Homeschool?

    4. Do I Qualifiy To Homeschool?

    5. Do Homeschoolers Have To Follow A Public School Schedule?

    6. Are There Required Subjects That Homeschoolers Need To Study?

    7. Do I Need To Keep Homeschool Records?

    8. Is Testing Required For Homeschool Students?