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Regulations For Educating Your Child At Home Using A Florida Private Tutor

You can also homeschool in Florida independently or by using a private school home-based program.

Notify The School District

A Florida private tutor must “prepare and submit promptly all reports that may be required by law and by rules of the State Board of Education and district school boards”. This includes a register of enrollment.

(See legal references 1 & 2)


A Florida private tutor must hold a certificate to teach the grades that they will be educating your child in.

Hours Of Instruction

The state of Florida requires private tutors to teach a minimum of 180 days/year or the hourly equivalent.

(See legal reference 2)

Required Subjects

The state does not require a Florida private tutor to teach a specific list of educational subjects.

Keep Records

Florida private tutors must keep record of their student’s attendance and make and submit reports required by the state or local school boards.

(See legal reference 2)


The state does not require Florida private tutors to test their students.

Immunization Laws For Students Who Are Privately Tutored

The state does not require students who are educated at home by a private tutor to vaccinate. Only children who enroll in school are required to vaccinate.

(See legal reference 3)

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