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Indiana Homeschool Law - Homeschool State Laws


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The state of Indiana does not recognize homeschool as a legal schooling option. However in the case of State v. Peterman (1904) the Indiana Appellate court upheld the right of parents to educate their children at home operating as private schools. Since then no further legislation has been passed to regulate homeschooling.

Required Attendance Age

The state of Indiana requires your child to attend school from the age of 7 to 18 years old. Legal schooling options include:

  • public school
  • non-public school (any educational program that provides “equivalent instruction to that given in the public schools”)

(See legal references #1 & #2)

Notify the School District

The Indiana Homeschool Law does not require you to notify the school district that you will be homeschooling.

However, the Indiana Department of Education does provide a homeschool registration form if you would like to send notice. Again this is not a requirement, but the form is available for you if you wish to use it.

If You Need To Withdraw Your Child

If your child is already attending an Indiana public school you will need to officially withdraw them before beginning to homeschool. You may withdraw your child at any time in the year. In order to officially withdraw your child, fill out and send in this Indiana Student Withdrawal Letter. Then keep your child home on the date indicated in your letter and begin homeschooling. The school may ask for more information but anything other than this is voluntary.

NOTE: If you are withdrawing your child from an Indiana High School then the law requires that you meet with the school principal to discuss the “legal requirements of attending a non-accredited nonpublic school” in Indiana. Both the parent and the principal must sign a form stating that the information was discussed and understood. If you refuse to sign this form the high school will consider your child a dropout.

(See legal reference #3)


The Indiana Homeschool Law does not require you to meet any specific qualifications in order to educate your child at home.

Days of Instruction

The Indiana Homeschool Law requires your child to study a minimum of 180 days/year. It is up to you to decide which days to homeschool and how long each day.

NOTE: The state does not require you to show proof that your child homeschooled 180 days/year. 

(See legal reference #4)

Required Subjects

The Indiana Homeschool Law requires you to give your child “equivalent instruction” to what is taught in public schools. There is no current definition in the law of what “equivalent instruction” means. Parents are left with the responsibility to determine what educational subjects to include in their child’s educational curriculum. The law only states that instruction must take place in English.

NOTE: The law does not require you to show proof of “equivalent instruction”. 

(See legal reference #2)

Keep Records

The Indiana Homeschool Law requires you to keep “an accurate daily record of the attendance of each student”. There is no special form for keeping this record of attendance. The purpose of this record is to show proof of your child’s enrollment in your homeschool.

NOTE: The state or local superintendent can request to see copies of these records at any time.

(See legal reference #5)

HSLDA suggests that you keep detailed records of your homeschool program and samples of your child’s work in case you might ever need proof of your child’s education.


The Indiana Homeschool Law does not require homeschool students to participate in testing.

Immunization Law For Indiana Homeschoolers

The state of Indiana requires all children to receive vaccinations or submit a waiver. All schools must keep immunization records. This includes public and non-public schools.

NOTE: The state does not require homeschoolers to show proof that they immunize. 

(See legal reference #6)

Helpful Websites For Indiana Homeschoolers

For local support and information visit these Indiana homeschool websites:

Indiana Department of Education

IAHE (Indiana Association of Home Educators)

IHEN (Indiana Home Educator’s Network)

LEARN (Life Education and Resource Network)

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