Homeschooling under a Maryland Umbrella School

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Regulations For Homeschooling Under The Supervision Of A Non-Public School

A legal supervising non-public school can either be a church school or an approved private school.

NOTE: For all of the following regulations see legal reference #1.

Notify The School District

The Maryland Umbrella School Regulations require parents to submit a Homeschool Notification Form. You must submit this form to your local superintendent 15 days before beginning to homeschool (on the form select option B for home education under supervision of a non-public school). Every year that you chose to continue homeschooling you must notify your supervising school and they will notify the superintendent.

NOTE: You must submit a separate homeschool notification form for each child that you homeschool.


The Maryland Umbrella School Regulations do not require parents to meet any specific qualifications in order to educate their child at home.

Under the supervision of an approved private school, you will most likely be assigned a teacher to help you with educating your child. This teacher will be responsible for issuing progress reports, marking papers, and grading tests.

Hours Of Instruction

The Maryland Umbrella School Regulations do not require students to study a specific amount of hours/day or days/year.

Required Subjects

The Maryland Umbrella School Regulations require the supervising school to provide each parent with “textbooks, lesson materials, and other instruction materials or equipment” for the student to use at home. The supervising school will decide which educational subjects to teach.

Keep Records

The Maryland Umbrella School Regulations do not require parents to keep any records of their homeschooling.


The Maryland Umbrella School Regulations do not require students to participate in testing.

However, if you choose to educate your child at home under the supervision of a church school you will receive annual visits in your home (or wherever your child is being taught) by supervisory personnel.

As already mentioned, if you choose to educate your child at home under the supervision of an approved private school the teacher assigned to you will issue progress reports, mark papers, and grade tests.

Legal References

  1. Home Instruction Under Supervision of Nonpublic School or Institution; Code of Maryland Regulations 13A.10.01.05.

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