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Required Attendance Age

The state of Minnesota requires your child to attend school from the age of 7 to 17 years old. Legal schooling options include:

  • public school
  • charter school
  • certified public online learning
  • alternative education
  • nonpublic school
  • homeschool

(see legal reference #1; subdivision 5 )

Notify The School District

The Minnesota Homeschool Law requires you to report to your local superintendent once a year, every year that you homeschool.

Initial Report to Superintendent

Fill out and send in this form the first time that you report your decision to homeschool. This form applies to all of the following situations:

  • Reporting your child who has not been enrolled in a public school and who is 7 years old (there is no need to send in this form before your child turns 7 if they have never been enrolled in a public school even if you have already been homeschooling). Send in this form by October 1st.
  • Withdrawing your child from public school in order to begin homeschooling (this includes children who are under the age of 7). Send this form in within 15 days of withdrawing your child.
  • Moving into a new school district; send this form into the old school district within 15 days of moving out and send it to the new district’s superintendent by October 1st after moving in.

According to the Minnesota Homeschool Law this initial form must include the following information:

  • your child’s name, birth date, and address
  • information about the annual test you will be using
  • the name and qualifications of each homeschool instructor
  • immunization report

Letter of Intent to Continue

Fill out and send in this form by October 1st every successive year that you report your decision to homeschool. This form includes all of the same information that is in your first report except for the immunization report which is only required again during your child’s 7th grade year, and any changes or updates for the current year.

NOTE: The forms in the links above are from the Minnesota Department of Education. You are not required by law to use these specific forms. You can write your own report as long as it contains all of the required information. Some school districts may have forms of their own for you to use. You can also use these forms by Minnesota Homeschoolers Alliance: Initial Report, Letter of Intent to Continue. The Minnesota Association of Christian Home Educators also provides reporting forms.

(see legal reference #2; subdivision 1)


The Minnesota Homeschool Law requires you to meet one of the following requirements:

  • be a parent of the child who is homeschooled, or
  • hold a valid Minnesota teaching license for the grade level and field to be taught, or
  • be directly supervised by a licensed Minnesota teacher, or
  • successfully complete a teacher competency examination, or
  • teach in an accredited school, or
  • have a baccalaureate degree

(see legal reference #1; subdivision 10)

Days of Instruction

The Minnesota Homeschool Law does not require your homeschooled child to study a specific amount of hours/day or days/year.

Required Subjects

The Minnesota Homeschool Law requires your child to study the following 13 subjects as part of their homeschool curriculum:

  1. reading
  2. writing
  3. literature
  4. fine arts
  5. mathematics
  6. science
  7. history
  8. geography
  9. economics
  10. government
  11. citizenship
  12. health
  13. physical education

(see legal reference #1; subdivision 9)

Keep Records

The Minnesota Homeschool Law requires you to keep records of each child’s homeschooling. The law mentions these records specifically:

  • class schedules
  • copies of instruction materials
  • descriptions of assessment methods

In the very rare case that you are ever reviewed by the school district, record keeping is a way to show proof that you are teaching the required subjects and participating in yearly testing (i.e. keeping the homeschool requirements).

The law is not specific in how you keep records so you can feel free to be creative and do what works for you. For example you can use any of the following methods:

  • portfolios
  • work samples
  • reading lists
  • journals
  • lesson plans
  • etc.

NOTE: The Minnesota Homeschool Alliance has some great advice on how to meet the record keeping requirement.

(see legal reference #2; subdivision 2)


The Minnesota Homeschool Law requires homeschool children to be tested/assessed every year. The test must be a “nationally norm-referenced standardized achievement examination”. In your yearly report to the superintendent you must include:

  1. which test/assessment you will be using
  2. where it will be administered, and
  3. who will be administering it

Your superintendent must agree on your choice of test, location, and test administrator. Some of the common tests that most school districts accept are:

  • Fill in the bubble tests
  • Oral, interview style tests
  • Online tests

NOTE: The Minnesota Homeschool Alliance has more information on Annual Testing, and the Minnesota Association of Christian Home Educators has a page for Homeschool Testing Resources.

(see legal reference #1; subdivision 11)

Immunization Law For Minnesota Homeschoolers

The state of Minnesota requires all children to receive vaccinations or submit a waiver. This includes children who homeschool.

However, you do have the right to choose which vaccinations your child will receive as long as you attach a notarized statement about your “conscientiously held beliefs” against the vaccinations you choose to go without.

The Minnesota Homeschool Law requires you to attach each child’s immunization report (and notarized statement if you decide to use one), or waiver, on the Initial Report Form you send to your superintendent and again with the Letter of Intent to Continue in each child’s 7th grade year.

(see legal reference #4; subdivision 3d and 8)

Helpful Websites For Minnesota Homeschoolers

For local support and information visit these Minnesota homeschool websites:

Minnesota Department of Education

Minnesota Homeschoolers’ Alliance

Minnesota Association of Christian Home Educators

Legal References

  1. Required Attendance Age: Minnesota Statutes Section 120A.22.
  2. Reporting: Minnesota Statutes Section 120A.24.
  3. Immunizations: Minnesota Statutes Section 121A.15.

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